Happy Birthday/Christening to ya

Last (working) week ended oddly. A good class but a sour last half hour in the staff room, despite a good chat with colleagues. Luckily Saturday gave me a chance to do something practical - that is, get a Christmas tree and some festive goodies.

Today J and I attended a christening service in a church near Oxford. I'm not really a church person (expect for music) and, truthfully, I found the whole service empty, flat and a little hypocritical (not hypercritical as I wrote earlier - thanks FJL). It was also surprisingly like a gig. The PA broke, a wrong song was played and people only really warmed up when it was time to pack up and go. Catching up with friends was the best part of the day and J even got her own new name - 'Preggers' courtesy of Richard Drummer. The band rehearses this week. Bad news as I work 12 hours days on Monday and Wednesday, but good news as I love playing with the band.

Much work to be done on the house over the festive period. Job two is the get a flor down in the loft so I can store spare gear away and convert the back bedroom into a nursery. Job one is to ask the new neighbours, nicely, to fix their back gate which is banging away every few... BANG ... minutes.

Yesterday was the birthday of a cousin, an uncle, my oldest friend (37 years and counting) and the greatly missed brother of my dad. I went to toast them all in the evening but only had a rather wanting mulled wine. Oh well, happy birthday anyway.


fjl said…
Aren't we hypocrits when we start pointing and saying oooh, that's abit too hypocritical for me, that sermon?

Or did you mean hyper academic. It was St Aldates, by the sound of it.

Every church has something major wrong, I'm starting to think it happens on purpose, to make us ask ourselves why we think we're so clever and spiritually in the right.
Will said…
Thanks - I'm an idiot. I meant hypocritical, you're right. It wasn't the sermon so much as the feeling that everybody was (in my eyes) apologising for their very existence and swearing to be better people but not actually doing anthing to back it up. Sorry, I'm a sinner... oh look, I've sinned again... sorry, I'm a sinner... and so on, ad nauseum. Did you have a good time in Capital City?

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