Jetpack on the beach

Tuesday was full-on at the dayjob. It's nearly the end of term and people are exhausted and tetchy. I came home, packed up some musical tools and headed out to an Oxford studio to rehearse with most of Soul Beaver. I've been playing my Fender Jazz bass recently. It's an American made, standard issue fretless and it's been played in palaces and on a beach in Egypt (hence the photograph). It hasn't been played much recently as I've been working on five-strings and the Stick. However, just for fun, I brought it along and reveled in the simple interface it presents. We rocked, of course.

In the land of babies - J is still not showing much and I'm feeling a little concerned despite others reminding us that "... everyone shows differently." Perhaps it's a male thing that I want her to be looking a bit more, pregnant.

We had long ago found a suitable name for a girl but struggled with boys' names. Last night J suggested a name which immediately felt right. It was as if another stage had been passed. There's plenty of time to change our minds of course and maybe a chance for me to get my favourite name idea (Jetpack) back in the running. Yes, it was a joke, but still ...


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