2006 - over and out

J and I enjoyed a proper grown up night away with friends the other day. Wind and rain could not stop us from having a restful time away and the company helped make sure there was never a dull moment.

Christmas has been good generally. It's been great to see the folks and to do all the traditional Christmassy things. I feel full but strangely rested.

Totally unrelated are today's photographs. One is my retuned bass, the other our child's first toy - assuming it continues to be as lively outside the womb as it is in.

If, as is likely, this is my last post for 2006 I'd like to say thanks for reading. Although I don't get too many hits I am aware that quite a lot of people come here to read my odd rambings and this makes me happy. There will be a lot more writing in 2007 and, hopefully, some exciting changes. The baby is due, Soul Beaver will be ten years old, I hope to have a new instrument and with luck I'll be getting back to taking photographs with an SLR again. I hope you (and I) stay healthy and happy.


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