Kenyan Peaberry rules

A quick last minute Christmas shop in the local town of Faringdon was rounded off by a visit to the Faringdon Coffee-House in the market square. They serve freshly ground coffee, extremely good cakes and even have a wall of sweets in jars. My favourite meal there had been their veggie breakfast but some months back it had arrived in a bad shape and with each sending back to the kitchen it got worse. Back there today I thought I'd give it another go and found that they now, amazingly, stopped serving breakfast at noon. Fair enough. I had something else and, when paying, was asked by the owner if that was better than my last meal. Wow, she remembered. Not only that, she had stopped serving the breakfast at noon to avoid the sort of problems I'd had last time. Next time I'll be back in the morning.

A delivery of cards rounded off the day and I drove home through the spooky valleys around Uffington remembering why I hate driving at night so much. Now to have a trawl through my favourite albums of the year.


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