Another adventure today. J, Freya and I went to see the PJ Crook exhibition in Burford. We pared at a (fairly) nearby garden centre so we could walk into the town. Burford is a beautiful place and is seen at its best when you walk in. Today, of course, the heavens opened and by the time we reached the Brian Sinfield Gallery there was quite a considerable amount of rain chucking itself down on us. We did get to see the paintings, many of them quite haunting, most of them highly desirable. Freya was a little freaked out from her first experience under the pram's plastic rain hood (rather alarmingly it misted up, making me think she as running out of air) and started crying so we vowed to come back at a better time. As luck would have it the exhibition has been extended a week. If you live in the area and you don't know Ms Crook's work I'm recommend you get along.


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