Under heavy clouds

The rain form Friday night continued until Saturday morning and then stopped. We had planned to go back to where my car was left and pick it up. The only problem was that we had been warned off going there as the floods were still bad, if not savage, in places. The short walk to the local shop allowed me a chance to speak to quite a few villagers, all of whom seemed happy to talk about their experiences. The shop itself was an invaluable source of information (although not bread) and this decided the matter. A day at home, listening to local radio and hoping the car was ok. On Sunday we drove out of the village, past abandoned cars with smashed windows and tide marks on walls to find my car alive and well where I left it. Thank you, the Woodman's Pub in Fernham.

Today news was still bad for Abingdon and Oxford. A certain irony that my first day off work coincided with a warning that people shouldn't approach the town where I do my work.

Guitarist pal Richard called up with details form his part of the world. Not so bad at home but quite an adventure for him to get to and from work. Luckily Richard drives a cool red truck that could probably get through most of the bad weather we've experienced. Even he though got stuck in Banbury some years ago (it was so bad the railway station looked like a canal depot).

I managed some practising today, although this had to be fitted in while J was in the bathroom and my audience (the baby and the cat) didn't look too impressed.


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