Who is the man in black?

I'm fighting blogger fatigue. As well as the regular kind.

There's a lot of work to be done to publicize the album, although I'm completely new to this so expect to learn form my mistakes as I go along. On a similar note, becoming a dad has raised new challenges but effectively streamlined my life for the better. I'm still practising the bass and generating new tunes (if only in my head) for the next album. Telly watching has dramatically decreased but the nature of looking after a newborn has, surprisingly, given me more time to read.

Yesterday morning I opened the door to man in black. "Yes?" I asked. "Chimney sweep." He replied. I must remember to read the calendar.

Work is now purely paperwork driven, which means I don't have to prepare lessons, which (in turn) means can really concentrate on things when I get home. That is a huge improvement.

I've been listening to Michael Brecker's last album, Pilgrimage. It's beautifully and a great listen, but heartbreaking. On a whole other musical planet Robert Fripp's Radiophonic and ProjeKct 3's Dallas concert from 1999 have been wowing me over the week.

This weekend I'm going to dust the camera off and (no offense to Freya) try and take some pictures of things that aren't babies.


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