Like algebra

It's been a busy few days. Last night I got to witness some local politics in action. It's good to see how people can get things done when they work together. However, it's scary to see how easily people living in a village can take on a lynch mob mentality. I'll post more about this later.

I've been at the dayjob and missing the family. On the bright side I got to hear Björk's 'Innocence' which has the most amazingly aggressive rhythm sample I've heard in years. It's a blisteringly good track.

Now I've been a dad for over three weeks I feel ready to pass on some wisdom. Here we go.

Babies cry because:
1. They are hot
2. They are cold.
3. They want attention.
4. They need feeding.
5. They want more attention.
6. They want to stop you from hearing what happened at the end of CSI.
7. It's Thursday.
8. They don't like your haircut.
9. They need changing.
10. They can.

Good. Glad we sorted that out.


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