Here comes the flood

Today has been something of an adventure. It had been raining all day but, on my way home from work I found the village cut off by floods. I tried several times in different ways to get home but was forced (no, really) to go to the pub. they had food and drink and the possibility of a bed if things didn't improve. They didn't improve but, as luck would have it I got chatting with a local man who was about to be taken back by a friend with a high-based pick-up truck. Even this was an adventure. At one point we came were heading into a deeply flooded part of the road when four youths came around it in a dingy.

I didn't have my camera on me but here is a picture from a nearby village from the excellent Marlowpics at Flickr.

Tomorrow I have to find my car.


belewbloggfan said…
Hi there Will,
I can't believe how big your little one is already....
I just re-found your blogspot (after I 'lost' my hard-disk a month or so ago), and found your blog via Sid Smith's 'Yellow Room'.....
I've been seeing all the video footage of the flooding over there in England these past few days - unbelievable rain! Just thinking about Robert Fripp's house there right on the Avon River, it must be really flooded there I suspect... It seems that RF is in Spain right now, missing out on all the fun.... :-) Not sure exactly how far you are from 'Bredonborough' (LOL), but the flooding seems worst in the Worcestershire area (I believe).... Hopefully your house did not suffer from any major flooding inside. I just heard on the news that more rain is expected this week... hopefully it will not get too much worse for you all....
Even here in Western Canada we have had a terrible start to the summer! I just lost all my flowers to 3 days of heavy torrential rain here... Strange weather for sure...
I saw your mention regarding your new album... Is it only available through iTunes, or can I purchase a copy direct from you?
Anyways, you can contact me via my email address:
or via myspace:
or via facebook:
Take care Will,
Your friend,

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