So much paperwork to do for the OFSTED visit next week. I don't tend to post about the dayjob but I'm having to fight the urge this week.

But I have fought and won.

Much excitement as I delve further into the delights of photography. Once the paperwork craziness is over I'll be out taking pictures of something more interesting than my living room. Luckily I have a pal who shares my enthusiasm for talking pictures and talking about camera related technology. Some might suggest that being a musician made me nerdy enough but why not have two areas in your life to be nerdy about. If I played more chess I could possibly bring that up to three, but there isn't really much in the way of 'chess gear' once you've got a good board, nice pieces and a chess clock. Or is there? Let me know.

Possibly bad news about the Soul Beaver gig. I'll check the details and let you know the horrible truth. It's safe to say that Oxford might have lost another venue though.


Art Durkee said…
Your nerdiness quotient is indeed very high.

I may still have you beat, though.

Will I have to be afraid of staring into the rear view mirror, as Your Nerdliness overtakes me?


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