Beautiful wife and child are in Cardiff today visiting hard working sister-in-law. I have the day, and indeed the night, to myself. This usually means I naff about all day and then spend the evening with all my musical toys out, recording something new.

Today though I went into town with Richard Guitarist in his new car. He was shopping for an acoustic guitar and, despite being tempted at Gary's Musical House of Delights on Cowley Road, Richard finally gave in and bought a wonderful sounding Martin guitar elsewhere. We celebrated this excellent purchase with bagels and coffee then went into the centre of town for camera goodies and other sundries.

When I got home, in the afternoon, I immediately set up Studio W and got to work recording something I'd had in my head for a while. Drums, then Warr Guitar bass, then Warr lead, then electric piano, then a Frippesque Warr Guitar layered thing, then percussion and then mixing. A cd now exists and the rough mix is available on MySpace. The song is called 'Home'.

It is now nine in the evening and I'm missing the female contingent.


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