New Year, again.

OK. After a few less than cheery posts here's something positive.

Over the last year I've been planning an album or two in my head. The only missing ingredient was an instrument which took a lot of planing an even more time to make (although it was worth every second). I've been playing the instrument (a Warr guitar) for a while now and I'm still struggling with it's interesting tuning and playing style. I had a chance to play it with Richard Guitarist and although I was fairly ham fisted in my approach, I was pleased with the possibilities.

In the last week, while being ill, something has shifted. Dreams of nightmare styled banality (all to do with the dayjob) have appeared and only now seem to be shifting. In the days I've been having odd flashbacks to tiny moments in my past. A shelf in a classroom from junior school days, posing for a photograph on my last day at secondary school, crossing a wintery street in Italy and the taste of my mum's cheese and chive pie (my favourite dish as a boy). So, today I made some cheese but chive pies but without the chives as we only had two tiny stalks growing in the garden. So, cheese and onions pies. I forget what point I was trying to make...

Oh yes. Today, in a moment of peace while driving home from a Borders near Swindon, all my plans for the album)s fell away to be replaced by something new and far more thrilling. More soon.

Today's picture was taken form the car a few minutes before I sorted the musical part of my life out.


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