The New Year in terrifying detail

This new year's eve J, Freya and I went to stay with our friends Richard Guitarist, his wife Sarah and their daughter Elodie. Rich and I spent quite a lot of the evening playing music in his project studio (Warr Guitar and Les Paul works really well, by the way) then came back down to argue about heating a fodue and spending a considerable amount of time photographing it.

The rest of the evening, once the children were asleep, was spent in a sort of seventies theme night. Elton John album, previously mentioned fondue and some reminiscences from those of us old enough to remember the seventies. Then the babies woke up and we had to lose Elton and drink some 30 year old port. Mmmmmm.

Much food, drink and conversation later we all celebrated the actual new year by mostly ignoring it and debating whether Jools Holland was a fun person or an annoying git.

This morning - happy new year - having been woken by Freya - I had to drink a lot of coffee and eat some chocolate brioche before regaining any sense of being human. J actually found me in the kitchen unable to work a microwave.

A sleepy but fun morning chat with our pals ensued and then we came home. Tonight, having a pounding headache, I decided to tempt fate by finishing off the port and eating too many biscuits with stilton. The joy of middle age - apparently.

So, 2008. Headache, slightly drunk but happy.


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