After a hint of darkness recently, I had a short but effective nightmare. I could hear a loud drip but withthe acoustics of a tunnel. Spooky and slowly more frightening as I lay in bed wondering where it could be coming from. It was too loud for a bathroom noise and had all the properties of something from a horror movie.
I got out of bed to investigate and, just as I was at the door my alarm went off. However, rather than waking in bed I woke at the door. Was I dreaming? Sleepwalking? Any plumber/exorsists out there?

Meanwhile, in the real world, things are brighter. I have a cold, again but should be playing some bass today and making a quick visit to the music shops of Oxford soon.

On Wednesday night my late night music making was sidetracked first by a non-functioning piece of kit, and then by an enjoyable video chat with Richard Guitarist. Beard Wars still rage. Who will be first to shave? Tune is for more exciting updates!


belewhale said…
Beard War! you say....
gotta see a photo of you with a beard....pretty pleeeeeze ;)

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