Retail Fun

Yet more retail fun. Having been ignored by two 'sales' people in Jessops camera shop last week I managed a ten minute conversation with a lady in a post office. All I wanted was some basic advice on how much postage to put on a package. The actual post office was shut so I was hoping to be pointed to a leaflet, or given a hint. It went something like this:

Me: how much do you think I should put on it?
Her: I couldn't say.
Me: could you make a guess?
Her: I couldn't, but you could.
Me: OK. I'll put two first stamps on it.
Her that won't be enough.
Me: Oh right. If you don't know...
Her: Why don't you put it on the scales.
Me: (feeling we might be getting somewhere). OK. It's 150 grams.
Her: Two stamps won't be enough.
Me: You said. How much would be then?
Her: I can't say.
Me: (Losing it slightly) I'll put four on it.
Her: We don't have any stamps.
Me: Thanks. (walks out)

Marston, Oxfordshire. Avoid.

I could also go on about the fight in the opticians. But maybe another day.


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