The first page

This is public blog. That’s to say, I’m not writing it anonymously.

If you want to, I’m quite easy to find on the internet. There’s this blog, MySpace, Facebook and various remnants of old web sites I can no longer access to either delete or update.

The downside of all this is that I can’t write about some of the things I’d like to (work, for example) without someone tracking it back to me. Call me paranoid, but it would be nice to have a space where I can vent, or explore, without anyone making the connection. Even my so-called anonymous poetry blog is easily tracked back to me (although I don’t think anyone has read it yet).

Is this a problem? No, not compared to the lack of adequate drainage around my house, or the familial problems befalling a friend in the States. Obviously it’s enough of a problem for me to write about it here. So what’s the solution?

Write a book!

I’ve always wanted to write a book. Or rather, I’ve always wanted to finish writing a book. I’ve written reviews, articles, plays, poems (sonnets, sestinas, limericks, haiku, free verse and all kinds of other variations), short stories, essays, reports, lyrics, notes, shopping lists and scripts for comedy sketches – but never finished a novel.

Now I have a plot (which, in theory I can’t use but I’m going to use anyway) and a motivation. What also helps is that I always find the time to write something every day. I even have a title.

Will it get written this time? No, probably not. But I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress until either it’s finished or I give up.


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