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Another in a series of crazy weeks. I missed a chance to rehearse through no fault of my own and that has, to the best of my knowledge, never happened before. I was incandescently angry but bottled it all up. I don't get angry very often so this was a shock to the system. Everything is much better now, thanks. [on reflection 'incadecently angry' is a bit extreme. I was peeved beyond the usual borders of peevedness though].

But the good news is that my own musical project has jumped forward. All the bed tracks are done and all that's left is to re-record some bass lines, add one solo and put down the final vocals. I've recorded all the vocals so far on my laptop's built in microphone, as guide tracks. On reflection that sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't really. As well as finishing this project off I'm also a lot closer to getting a live, improvise set together (can you get an improvised set together?) after being inspired by both Markus Reuter and Juana Molina.

Freya has taken on more language and can now make the animal noises in the excellent 'Moo baa la la la.' She's also repeating a great deal of what she hears. I am overwhelmed at her abilities and have had two people (strangers) tell me she has 'wise eyes.' I predict she'll be a better chess player than her dad.

I may have mentioned this before but soon I'll be off to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibition in London. She's so much more than the woman who takes pictures of celebrities. I can't wait.


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