April update

This year, as I may have already said, is shaping up in quite a positive way. The two main musical projects I’m playing in are making progress.  The Eclipse Trio (that’s the one without a drummer) has almost completed an album and will commence a marathon recording session to complete the next one very soon. The other trio (which is actually a quartet waiting for the fourth member) now has more than half a set of all original music.

My short book of poems is undergoing a final edit (although there will be a final, final edit) and will be available as an e-book and a limited edition print copy. More about that, later.

Even more exciting is seeing what my friends are up to. Everything from having a baby, making excellent podcasts, taking fabulous photographs,  to touring the world playing great, original music. The problem with having talented friends is that it can make you not want to try. A good example would be a very good pal who plays guitar. He’s also a much, much better bassist than I will ever be. Should that make me stop? No, of course not.

Excuse the rambling nature of this post. I have been suffering from a vomiting and diarrhoea bug for three days and it’s left me weak and empty. It hasn’t shut me up though, obviously.


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