I wrote this

If you are moved to re-post somebody else’s view on Facebook, particularly if you don’t know the person, do your research first. It’s tempting to see simplistic ideas as true, when all they really are is badly researched, opinionated rubbish. Sometimes they happen to be true, but if recent re-posts I’ve read are anything to go by, not often.

On the other hand, if the so called Christians who feel threatened by secular culture and atheism have to resort to cruel lies and nasty inversions of the truth to get their point over, maybe this will help people wake up a bit. Just because you label yourself as belonging to a group that purports to have a high moral sense doesn’t mean you’re not a mean-hearted tosser.

Let’s also point the finger at the thinly disguised racism that hides behind posts about how terrible it is that we give money to people in other countries (i.e. people with different coloured skin) rather than spend it on our poor and sick. Massive over simplifications and Daily Mail style logic might seem harmless, but they promote hatred and callousness over compassion and humanity.

So, if you want to appear racist, or cruel,  or ignorant, write the words yourself. Then we can all see exactly what you mean.


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