Recording with The Eclipse Trio: Day Four

For the last day we knew we had to be done by five o’clock, so there was a bit more pressure than before. While our piano man was out Russ and I played the remaining song for our other album. This allowed me to use my much loved but rarely played electric upright bass. Martin (piano) returned and we began the process of fixing our problem song.

On and on we went. It would have been easy to gloss over the few bars, layer something on top, or hope it could be fixed in the mix. But, with my producer hat on, I knew (as did everyone, really) that we had more work to do. The first half of the song survived but the second half would get fixed only by playing it again. That wasn’t likely to happen for another two weeks, which was frustrating but unavoidable.

So there we have it. Four days, an album’s worth of music (just about) and a tired, smelly bass player heading home to his family.

There will be more on this album later.


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