Recording with The Eclipse Trio: Day two

We arrived back at the studio bright and early. A say bright, but the beers from the night before had reminded me how little I drink these days. We arrived early.

Today there were two songs on the schedule. The first song was the easiest. Only a few chords, a straightforward structure. What could possibly go wrong. Almost inevitably, everything went wrong and the song to an age to record.

The second tune virtually fell out of our hands onto the tape. Or maybe it just felt that way after the first song. We had expected more trouble and, indeed, the song came back to haunt us. But now we found enough time to record a song scheduled for Day Three. This too came together without too much trouble. Perversely, the songs we had played live and new well seemed to cause trouble, while songs we had hardly played before came out easier. There’s bound to be a good subject for music/psychology there.

So, at the end of Day Two we had six songs in the bag (or so we thought) and enough time to order an Indian takeaway. Returning to the guitarist’s house afterwards I had intended to get to sleep before midnight. However, an espresso, or maybe some adrenaline from the session kept me going and I finally got to sleep at about half past two, having put together a short trailer for the album.


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