Recording with The Eclipse Trio: Day Three

On this day we recorded our remaining song without too much trouble and then began listening back to repair any parts we’d missed before. This process went well until we hit the seemingly trouble free  tune from yesterday. Just as before, this was a song that suffered from timing issues. That’s a very polite way to say we played a four bar sequence like three people in different rooms with no monitors. It was rubbish. Not quite rubbish enough to warrant a feeling of re-recording the whole song, but it did begin the discussion on how to make it better.

This was postponed by the arrival of Fiona Paige, ace singer. She was here to record vocal for two songs and add some backing on another. Fiona had sung with us before and my memory of how we, as a band, had to raise our game returned. Fiona recorded her lead vocals, and harmonies with a refreshingly professional attitude.

Then we stopped for an evening meal, which allowed Fiona to tell us stories from her life on the road with a great variety of bands. Once she had set off home we listened back to the tracks and called it a night.


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