23 seconds to eat a doughnut

Saturday was great fun. Richard Guitarist and I spent the day in London, working our way through Denmark Street, where the wandering musician can find guitar, bass and other instrument shops aplenty. For the first half of the day we sounded like croaky old men, thanks to the previous night's excellent gig in Oxford. We struggled from not having had a full band rehearsal but we still managed to sound like a proper band. Most of the comments I picked up on afterwards and in the break were to do with how tightly we played. It was particularly good to see an hear Richard Drummer again. He had been spending the past weeks tour-managing Marillion on their West Coast USA mini-tour. He brought back the requisite tales of the road and played like a demon, despite still having jet lag.

Richard guitarist and I need to be getting on with our new music project. The Stick seems to have found a place in this. Also vying for attention will be my new pedal. A Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (with an incredible 23 second delay function). This was a generous gift for my role as best man at Rich's wedding; next to my own, this was the best wedding I have ever attended and the idea of getting such a cool piece of kit as a thank you really was the icing on the doughnut.

Talking of which, the photograph is Saturday's second doughnut - the New York Cheesecake Donut (sic) from the masterful Krispy Kreme people, now available at Paddington railway station.


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