Having sorted out the comments fiasco I have now started receiving spam emails in response to an online advert for my double bass. At least with these people I know they are trying to scam me out of my money and I can therefore have guilt-free pleasure at their expense.

I'm supposed to be writing lesson plans for English Lit. A level classes but have instead been collating my humble collection of King Crimson related recordings onto iTunes. I say humble but the totaliser tells me I now have just over a day of Crim music. Hmmm, a full day... could I manage 24 hours? Is there that much coffee in the house?

A recent post on Robert Fripp amused me. It mentioned a trip to a John Lewis shop where Toyah (his wife) was getting asked questions by customers as she was wearing something resembling the staff uniform. J has had a similar experience as she occasionally wears a fleece in 'Sainsbury Orange'. Maybe J (and Toyah) should be angling for staff discount.

I'm getting the house to myself tonight so, assuming I can get work done, and also assuming that cooking dinner isn't too stressful, I plan to try out a homemade Soundscape experiment with the Stick. Pity the neighbours, I can't face wearing these daft looking headphones for much longer.


Don Q. said…
Stick looks interesting. Do you pluck it with both hands a la Stanley Jordan?
Will said…
You tap it, with both hands. It can be plucked but that's not the designer's intention. Like Stanley Jordan? I wish.

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