It's been a good day (and it's only 8:00pm). I got up at seven and played the Stick for a while. After J got up we went to the nearby town to get supplies and have a cup of coffee in the local museum. This is a fine place, run by volunteers but which also boasts a small gallery. We spotted some excellent photographs, one of which was of the Dragon's Hill road; close to where we will be living soon. Despite being a bit hard up we decided this would be a suitable thing to have in the new place and put a deposit on it.

J went to work and I set to work recording something with the Stick. I have promised my folks the first full solo piece (It's written but I can't play it well enough yet) so I worked with some drum loops. The rhythms suggested a lyric, the lyric a melody. I then wiped the singing, put down a bass line and started layering up a piano part, a synth pad (sustained whooshy noises) and some naff soloing. I then rerecorded the vocal and immediately wiped it again. Normally I can't stand my lyrics but this one seems to work - I just can't sing it yet. Apart from the loops this has all been accomplished on the Stick, with the help of an attached Roland Guitar synth. The rough mix of the backing track is now on a CD which I've been playing at volume in the kitchen and have finally cracked the vocal part. That can be recorded tomorrow if there's time. I'm quietly pleased with myself for getting as much done as I have.

The last night of the Proms is on telly. Having done the ironing to a DVD of King Crimson in Japan, I'm now enjoying odd sound of a Counter-Tenor singing a piece by Handel (imagine the BeeGees singing classical - no, don't, stop now... ugh).

The new house, by the way, will be the first home of my own that I haven't rented. It's being held up slightly by an issue with wording (you've got to love the mentality of mortgage companies) but we hope to be moving in the next few months.

Next week I'm taking part in an unusual recording session which I tell you more about nearer the time.


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