The Lost Weekend... oh no, here it is

A good weekend. I got to play the Stick at volume with Mr Brough on suitably loud electric guitar. I'm feeling my way with the instrument and sensing where it will sound best. This rehearsal session also allowed us a chance to check out the Coldrooms' new recording studio. It's an excellent place which will be getting used by us later in the year. All very exciting.

Saturday night J and I celebrated the news that we had the mortgage we were after. This was the last major block to becoming first time house owners removed. So, a place of our own - coming soon. The actual celebrating was done at Herbs restaurant in Faringdon. This is a very friendly establishment with top notch cooking. For some reason I felt too full to finish anything but made a manly attempt on three courses and quite a sizeable percentage of a bottle of Chianti. We finished the meal nearly an hour before our taxi was due and walked around the market square of Faringdon, which felt surprisingly mediteranean. And no, I don't think it was just the Chianti that made me feel that way.

Today, we made, or tried to make, a quick trip to Oxford for a book. The annual Saint Giles' fair was setting up when we got there and we enjoyed a walk through the huge, brightly coloured rides and vans selling terrible (but rather nice) food. Home to do more preperation for work and to start working out an arrangements for a new piece of music.

Tomorrow: back to school... ugh.


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