Almost a perfect day yesterday. Some day job work in the morning with interesting and (hopefully) interested students. Then home early to pick up J and head to the local market town for light shopping and a snack at the museum. While there we pick up the two framed photographs from their previous week's exhibition. The lady in charge suggests we could wrap them up in one of the decorative quilts which form the current display. My face must have fallen just before she started laughing.

Last night Richard Guitarist came over and we rehearsed for this Friday's gig. I got to play some Stick again and it seemed to suggest ways of fitting in to the new music project. It was a satisfying way to spend an evening.

J has taken up knitting. Strangely, when I mention this to colleagues they all assume she is pregnant. Not so. In the photograph she is explaining either a) how to knit, or b) what she might do to me if I take more photographs of her.


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