The day job... at night

I have two good reasons to be very happy tonight. The first is that J witnessed a serious accident but was not part of it. Typically she helped the people and the scene. She had seen their car flying through the air before it slid down an embankment. Astonishingly they both survived with only minor bruising.

The second thing was an inspiring night doing my day job. OK, that's a bit confusing. Teaching is my day job (most gigs and other music activity is at night). Today... um, tonight the day job was an evening shift of people returning to learning to take their GCSE English. Each year has its own character with last year's being a difficult but interesting combination. Many fine individuals (are you there Mr P) making an enjoyable way to do my job. This year I feel a very positive vibe right from the start. A wide age range, mix of races, balance of the sexs, combination of abilities. I love it.

All this excitement and a gig next weekend.

A good piece of advice from Moose in a comment to yesterday's post. I listen to a lot of music in my car but because of the acoustics I loose all the bass. As a bass player this has it's advantages, allowing me to make up my own lines to whatever is playing. It would be good to hear more of that most wonderful set of frequencies though. Perhaps I should get a car sub-woofer.

No, probably not.


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