Dealing with the annoying

I spotted this on Robert Fripp's web diary today. It is a description of how he intended to deal with an annoying throat-clearing man on a plane.

"How might I approach this, I wonder? Perhaps to say excuse me: you'll never manage to clear your throat because you're a booby, locked into an habitual richter that is beyond your capacity to address; please consider the ramifications of this - in the substantial matters of your life you are just as powerless. Now, that's a winning strategy. Instead, I adopted Plan B: every time he cleared his throat, I did the same immediately afterwards. His throat clearing has now diminished. Time to buy a baguette & move to boarding."

Also today, advice from a radio person on dealing with telephone cold callers. Simply wait for them to stop talking, then ask them "... and what are you wearing?"

Tomorrow - music in abundance and a meeting with an old friend.


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