Keeping the fire going

If I sound distracted it's because this is being written while I keep an eye on the first proper fire I've lit in a while splutters in the newly cleaned out fireplace.

Lots of fun yesterday. I got to play with Andy Cross, who I last actively created music with in 1987 (yikes). Along with the excellent guitarist Leigh and drum pro Simon Ash, we rehearsed songs for a special 'end of year' show for Simon's drum students. In the afternoon the students began to arrive and play through their showcase tunes.

I played a little Stick but mostly used my 1983 Squire Jazz bass, the least expensive bass I own but the easiest to play this eclectic bunch of rockin' toons on.

It was a long day but certainly didn't feel it. Olivia the roady brought coffee and chocolate, nobody smoked in the rehearsal room, there was plenty of good cheer and exceptance of the occasional slip-up. On the way back to my car Leigh and Andy entertained me with tales from the 50th Anniversary show for the Fender Strat. All too libelous to repeat here but Jeff Beck, you should be ashamed!

There's more of this next Sunday. I hope to take some action pictures of the band in full flow. Yes, sanity is slowly returning and more musical adventures (some fusion vicar?) are on the near horizon. Can you have a near horizon? Anyway, more soon, I have to keep the fire going.


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