Much Stuff

I spent today in a meeting for people learning how to standardise GCSE coursework, having heard news items about students 'cheating' by receiving help from their parents. Good coffee and food, nice people and an excellent person in charge. In other words, a surprisingly good day.

Tonight, in between lesson planning and practise I have discovered the excitement of DGM Live, the new web site for Discipline Global Mobile. If you're interested in King Crimson, Robert Fripp or any of the connected ProjecKts (no, not a spelling mistake, dad) then get over there. Well done Mr Smith.

The iPod has been treating me to KC's Construction of Light (the tune that almost always summons my wife), podcasts from Naxos (fab 20 minute programmes that advertise a new CD but also inform the information hungry such as myself) and the podcasts of Arthur Durkee, always a treat.

As well as this - and now I really wish I could find the cable that lets me put photographs onto the Powerbook - I seem to have got the hang of getting the fire going.


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