Life returns to, um , normal

I have to stop posts that begin with "I had an odd day today." Either that or redefine "odd."

Yesterday I took some students to London to hear a set of lectures on Shakespeare's 'Much ado About Nothing.' This had been retold on telly recently and the students who had bothered to watch it had thought it good. It was good to be in the Great Wen again, even if there was no time for music shopping or anything else other than keeping an eye on students and talking to the new student teacher. The best part of yesterday though was my early hours in a cafe at Oxford's coach station. I had over-compensated for traffic and my new distance from Oxford and arrived at the station horribly early. So early that I got to watch the sun come up as I sipped coffee and munch pastires while reading this month's Wire magazine.

Today was very different. I overslept, missed breakfast and spent the morning on a picket line. Since I try not to write about the day job too much I'll just suggest you read an article about the lecturer's union and their issues with the government.

Picketing over I went to see my wonderful parents and then headed home clutching dad's power drill. I've been undergoing much frustration over the past week with my (non)ability to put up curtain rails. Time and talent has been against me, and my one chance to have a friend come over and help was scuppered. However, tonight I successfully put up the bedroom curtain rail and now I feel I could take on the world. At least I could take it on if I wasn't so tired.

I get to play my bass (and possibly the Stick) Sunday. Can't wait.


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