Moving, falling over and standing up

Everything feels odd at the moment. The new house doesn't yet feel like home. The old house doesn't feel like home anymore either. I feel more at home while at work, and that just can't be right.

J and I have a had a stressful move. Many more things to do, clean, pack, break, fix, lose, find and fall over than we had ever expected. I'm missing band rehearsal tonight because I'm simply overloaded with making the house related problems and coping with the backlog of work that has been building up. This caught up with me so fast I lost track of the days and, I suspect, upset some band members (and friends) in the process. Part of me wants to make a fuss and show everyone how tired and strung out both J and I are, while the other part just decides to shut up and get on with things. It's good to have this blog to vent though. Parents have been hugely helpful. J has been a stressed angel and I have had enough.

Big sigh.

Right. Good news. The house is slowly taking shape. Besides the recent problems that have taken up all our time there is a growing feeling that it will all soon resolve and we can have our lives back. The Stick is out of its case and living in the bedroom. All my other basses are in their flight cases for the time being. There are a few Soul Beaver gigs coming up (but with no time to rehearse now), the Ash Bash show (that should be a lot of fun) and one day soon I hope to play some more fusiony stuff with Mr Brough. Soon.


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