PRM Floor
Originally uploaded by Roostar.
Today J and I went to see my parents to celebrate mum's 80th birthday. If I have half her humour, strength and wisdom when I (hopefully) reach that age I'll be very happy. My dad is very cool too.

But you may be wondering what the photograph is of. Well, on Monday we went to Oxford for a museum crawl, forgetting that many of them are shut on Mondays. Luckily the Pitt-Rivers Museum was open. It is a treasure house of oddments collected by a Victorian military gentleman, all housed in a beautiful building and accessible through Oxford's Natural History Museum. The Pitt-Rivers inspires people (objects from it show up in Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy) and on this day I was inspired to take a photograph of the floor. Which I happen to like.

One visitor though, left a note which said "this place makes me feel sick. Like Wales."


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