More grass

There has been a lot of laughter this week. In the Soul Beaver rehearsal a delicate secret became the impetus for the calling of themed songs. This doesn't sound very funny because a sense of propriety won't allow me to reveal the details. Suffice to say there were a lot of bum jokes.

Also, last night J and myself tried to turn several swathes of wheat grass into a healthy juice. We slice off layers of wheat grass, ground it up in a device resembling an old meat grinder then juiced some apples to make the resulting wheat grass juice taste a little better. I think the whole operation took us nearly an hour and a half. During this time the front room filled with bits of grass, mush, apple remnants and a bemused cat. When we finally lifted our glasses it also became evident that we had been asphyxiating ourselves by shutting the door while the fire was roaring. So, with pounding heads and a little fresh oxygen coming in from the hall we drank down our first full batch of fresh wheat grass juice. Photographs will follow.

And finally, did anyone else read/hear/see the debate about performers miming and the possibility of labels to warn the public that this is happening. I would like to know if a so-called live performance is mimed, but I'm less bothered about television. I think most people can tell whether someone is miming or not and they can make up their own minds about the 'performer's' reasons for doing so. More live music on telly would be greatly welcomed though. One quote from former Steps mimer Faye Tozar summed up the attitude of (I suspect) a large part of the music business. She said, "for a band like ours that were very much a TV-selling band, it was great for us and we could get our product out there." Mmmm, product. That's what music is all about.


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