Bass Station

I've been lucky enough to listen to some great music this week. In some recent re-arranging of the house I found a box with the selection of CDs I'd set aside for listening to in the house when we arrived here last November. Amongst them was Thelonius Monk live at the IT club (LA 1964) and Weather Report's Black Market. Both wonderfully inspiring; the latter helping me make a decision about what to do with one of my basses. I have a fretless Fender Jazz which I was going to trade for a Godin fretted bass. The logic was that I need a back-up bass for the fretted Jazz bass I use in Soul Beaver. The logic doesn't quite work though when the bass you should be trading in is so beautifully made and sounds so good. The Godin bass sounds very good but just isn't in the same league. After you've owned (and more importantly, played) an instrument for a while it seems to become part of you. I have no trouble selling them to get something better but, when I heard Jaco playing his fretless Fender Jazz on two of Black Market's tracks I knew that this bass was staying.

Also, I've been listening to some new music which has moved and inspired me in a different way. I'll hopefully be telling you much more about this soon.

While I'm writing the Winter Olympics closing ceremony is on the telly. I Will Survive, played by a big band. Ouch!

In other news this week my parents have gone onto their very own wireless network so they could (if they wanted) surf the net in the shed.

Next weekend is my birthday and I'm looking forward to catching up with some good friends for food, walking and, who knows, maybe some music?


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