Comings and goings

A good rehearsal last night despite having no guitarist, keyboard player or trumpet. It was pointed out how 'lounge' we sound with no guitar in the mix. A frightening thought.

Some balance (of sorts) was evident. Gary and Richard had been to the funeral of The Drug Squad's Steve. He died far too young. The funeral apparently ended with a rendition of Jellyfish Polka (a recording I was involved with in a small way). This is a wonderful, exuberant track which featured Steve's bass playing and left the mourners with something positive to remember. Alongside this sad departure we learnt that one of our group is about to become a dad for the first time.

I have an exciting week coming up. J has taken most of the week off and I'm enjoying half term so we can see each other for more than a few hours. As well as this there is a gig on Friday (in a dairy), Valentine's Day will be an excuse for some shameless romanticism, and my mum will celebrate her 80th birthday. This last is the most unbelievable since she has the energy of someone decades younger than her years.

A public Soul Beaver concert seems to be getting more likely. Details will be posted here and at the Beaver's web site as soon as we have sorted it out.


fjl said…
Hurrah for the shameless romantics!

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