Wind and strings

Yesterday morning J and I went for an unplanned stroll around the surrounding countryside. Rather than walk up the White Horse Hill we went in search of the Blowing Stone. For years we've been able to find a local pub with a similar name but, for some reason, never felt motivated enough afterwards to find the stone itself. Today - success.

In the evening I drove to Little Missenden to meet up with Roderick Soundman. We found the village hall and watched Guy Pratt's show 'My Bass and other Animals.' Inside tales from the world of rawk, some grade A gossip and a few tasty bass licks too. Support for Mr Pratt was a stand-up comedian called Hal Cruttenden. Very funny, even though he did sound unnervingly like Tony Blar in places (a similarity he played upon). A long drive home to the sleeping J, who is back at work now. I'm off to practise.


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