Sticks and Podcasts

A rush of new ideas on the Stick has been a satisfying surprise this week. I've been recording them on a tiny four-track device and hope to turn them into full-blown pieces this weekend. After a few months with this instrument I'm beginning to find using it a much more fluid way of getting musical ideas down.

I've also been trying out a variety of podcasts recently. Two very highly rated podcasts turned out to be quite disappointing. Ricky Gervais, who can do little wrong on the telly, came over as irritating (or rather his format of bullying know-it-alls and idiot did). The other top ten podcast was by Bam-Bam. Not the Flintstones character but a computer voiced person talking about their hassles with daily life. I know I go on about my hassles with daily life, but I like to think there is some editing at work. Bam-Bam just drifts without any obvious focus or sense of getting anywhere. The best podcasts I've heard are the ones with heart. Not necessarily the slickest and certainly not the ones that appeal to the largest audience. It will be interesting to see how things change (if they do) in the world of podcasting over the next year.

Time to practise.


Sid Smith said…
HI there Will,
thank God I'm not the only one who found the Gervais podcasts a bit over rated. Debbie's daughter Alys gets then so I hear them on a regular basis. Sadly. Doubt she'll get them no they have to pay which is why I approve of them charging. Currently planning a yellow room podcast between Jakko and I for his new forthcoming site. This one won't rely on the know-it-all bully format. Mind you, maybe it does.

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