Now zen, now zen...

On my desk at the day job I have a calendar. It's a Zen themed one with a variety of Buddhist and buddaesque comments, aphorisms and quotations. I don't pretend to be spiritually enlightened but I do enjoy a daily dose of inspiration or a fresh thought. Many of these pages have found themselves saved and wedged into my copy of Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and of Experience.' Some go in the bin (too wordy or too self-righteous). Today's however, sets a new standard. That is, complete bafflement.

Here it is:

Icy wind
cuts through deep night,
missing only
the gibbon's howl.

My first (admittedly facetious) interpretation was 'don't leave your monkey in a drafty corridor.' After that I was incapable of shifting the image of a chilly monkey and all sensible thought stopped.

I don't usually invite feedback but, seriously, any ideas?


Anonymous said…

—the Dragon
Will said…
Thank you. I'll sit down and read this properly tomorrow.
fjl said…
really funny, and for me, sums up the extent of budhist usefulness. :-)

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