Beware hot things!

Firework 5
Originally uploaded by Roostar.
Your brave correspondant and his beloved attended a local fireworks party. The fireworks were impressive and so was the bonfire. It was while taking this picture that I accidently tipped the boiling hot soup I was holding in my left hand over my right wrist. Being a hero (or an idiot) I made sure I had the photo before mopping off the hot soup and noticing just how painful it was. It was very painful. In fact the skin was rippled and red so we went back to the car for water to pour on the wound. We stopped at a MacDonalds so I could use their cold taps but the taps in their toilets only have hot water. Sigh. The manager spotted my injury and insisted I come into the kitchen where they have knee operated cold taps. Bliss. He even supplied me with a cold compress to keep things bearable until I got home.
So there you have it. Be careful with the soup on bonfire night.


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