Return of the Medicine Train

I had the delight today of catching up with an old friend. Mark and I haven't spoken in nearly two years but we picked up talking about bands, family and relationships as if it had only been a week.

Mark and I were in a band many years ago. It's safe to say that Medicine Train were not the best loved band in the area, and indeed that sometimes we were not as good as we could have been. That said, some good songs were written and a lot of effort was put into a project that ultimately could not sustain itself. The drummer and I continue to work together and Mark eventually moved to Sheffield, drifting out of the writing/rehearsing/gigging continuum.

But now he's back and doing solo acoustic shows. You can find his Myspace page here and I would heartily recommend you get to one of his gigs. It won't be long before I find an excuse to get to Yorkshire and try to hog the stage.


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