I don't know...

I don't know what I like but I do know about art. The UK's channel 5 broadcast a programme tonight about the excellent Modern Art Oxford. This gallery, which was once the Museum of Modern Art but never a museum, is one of my all time favourite places to be. If the art is good (i.e. if I like it) the experience can be anything from worthwhile to overwhelming. If the art is bad the experience is almost always entertaining. I saw an exhibition of work by Yoko Ono there (including some pieces she did with John Lennon) which was so good I went back and then back again. I've seen giant trees made from rope and a sandscape with its own wooden corridor. And yes, I've even seen a collection of paintings.

Not everyone has the inclination to give 'modern' art the time of day, mind you. One of the people I love most in the world refused to even set foot in the building. Luckily J is willing to stroll around the place and tell me if she thinks a particular collection is rubbish or not.

If you live in the area, get along and see what you think.

And RIP Robert Altman.


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