I just added 'The Philadelphia Story' to my fave films section on my profile. Out of curiosity I clicked to see which other bloggers rate this film so highly. All of them (with only one exception) stopped blogging in 2004. Is this a coincidence? Or did hundreds of people start and stop in 2004. I know I had a false start when I began in 2003 but now blogging has become a vital part of my week.

Today J and I went for walk in the lovely autumnal air and then I devoted the rest of the day to day job paperwork and eating the delicious things that J brought out of the kitchen. We watched a staggering amount of telly too.

Richard Guitarist and I are planning a pre-Christmas trip to London and we will also be joining Andy Cross for Ash Bash 3 this year. More reports and photographs as things happen.

Oh, the burnt wrist is starting to heal. Thanks for asking.


Maureen said…
haha, thanks for the comment. looks like u need an update :)
Anonymous said…
I would have said "how is the wrist?" but then all that empathy would have gone to your head, then the next time you are holding something hot you will go, ah I remember the last time this happened when that one kind person replied and... "Ahhhh, oohh ee ahh, ohh it burns!"

Of course that wouldn't really happen, no one says 'oohh ee ahh' these days.
Will said…
I don't know. Today I've had a 'haha' and a 'ahhhh, oohh ee ahh' so anything's possible.

Don Q. said…
There are secrets about the Kennedy assisination contained in the movie the Philadelphia Story. People who claim to like it have a mysterious tendency to either dissappear or have a tragic car accident.

The only things more damaging than admitting you like the movie if warning people about the conspiracy. I'm not worried because they'll never find
Will said…
Don...? Wait, there's someone at the door

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