Much car madness over the weekend. In an attempt to get a new (secondhand) car for J which was more suitable to her we planned a foolproof trip to the garage. On the way my car broke down. The next day we tried again but this time I got flashed by a speed camera. The first time I've ever been caught speeding. Normally I'm not much for fast driving and would probably be better suited to pottering about on a bicycle.

J is now the proud owner of a smaller, more economical car and can drive to and from work as safely as anyone else on the roads.

In other news I was pleased to hear the new Branford Marsalis album, Braggtown today. I've been a fan of Branford's since I heard his first solo album Scenes in the City, my vinyl copy of which still lives with my folks. That was an exciting selection of music which I played until I almost wore it out. Branford is a great live performer (although not without his critics) and a nice guy as well. Braggtown is the latest in a long line of increasingly well made and full-on albums. It has power, tenderness, wildness and craziness. What more could you want from your latest jazz tunes?

This weekend brings a meal with J and my folks and a rehearsal this year's Ash Bash concert. I've dug out my Fender Jazz after a conversation with Richard Guitarist about what instrument one would pick if you could only have one. I picked as my ideal an early Fender Jazz which had been defretted and coated with marine varnish on the fingerboard. Essentially I wanted Jaco Pastorius's bass, but no one knows where it is. Mine is a late 1990's American made instrument with a great tone and it is high time I played it again.


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