Nearly three months ago I had a dream that J and I had a baby. I had never had such a dream before - usually my dreams involve music or wandering inside a house I haven't been to yet. Sometimes I dream that I can fly.

This time though it was a snapshot of us with a child. Our child. The most surprising thing was that it did not feel surprising or odd. Whatever was going on in my subconscious that night it had an effect on me and the dream made me feel that perhaps becoming a dad was something that might happen and that I might even enjoy.

Well now I'm going to find out. Around the time we went to see Sting's lute concert in London J revealed that she thought she was pregnant. A couple of tests proved that she was and a recently a scan has shown us the fast beating heart of the little life inside her. This, Mr Anonymous (if you're reading) was my big news. I've been contacting friends and family over these past weeks and now feel the time is right to share our good news with you.

So expect a bit more narrative to the blog over these coming months. We're about eleven weeks in (or ten or twelve depending on what or who you believe) and the due date is currently June 6th. Yes, D-Day. We had thought there might be twins but it's just the one. There is a twist though which I can't talk about just yet.

I'm hoping not to become a baby bore and I'm well aware that anything could happen in the next six months but expect me to be writing about something other than gigs and food.

Actually I'm going to do that right now. Alongside all the baby stuff J and I have been getting on with the usual business of country walks and ordering custom spray painted bins (more on that later). On today's walk J picked autumnal twigs and berries to make a display for the house. I bumped into Mark Kelly from Marillion.

Much of today has been spent writing UCAS references for students. It certainly isn't something I enjoy doing but it did remind me of my capacity to write thousands of words a day. That might be something I rely more on in the future.

Times are changing.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the news Will.

I'm sure you'll make a fantastic dad.

And yeah, I might have teased about it being 'big news' but this, to you, is pretty life changing.

All the best and thanks for mentioning me in your blog, I feel so famous, I may now apply for celebrity big brother...or not as the case may be.

P.S. Why do you assume I am a Mr. Anonymous?
Will said…
Because you once said "... that's Mr Anonymous to you..." Should I not have taken you at face value?
Anonymous said…
Point taken...

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