Trypod - Meet the Composer

Every few days I’m posting about a podcast that I listen to and that I’d recommend you trying out.

Meet the Composer is, at the time of writing, in its third series and getting better all the time. It deals with contemporary classical composers by interviewing them and those who know there music well. The ace in the hole here is that the host, Nadia Serota, is a musician who is familiar with the material and who, in several cases, has played the music being discussed.

The other great thing about Meet the Composer is that it’s not dry analysis but passionate, interested and truly hands-on about its subject matter. Some of these episodes become surprisingly emotional in tone because, for a lot of us, music really does matter. This level of feeling is conveyed extremely well and succeeds because, even if you don’t like the music under discussion, you enjoy the discussion.

My little article doesn’t do the show justice, so if you’re interested, here’s a link to a better, longer one from the New Yorker.


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