Music News: part 1. Expanding and contracting (and expanding)

On reflection the title of this blog post might send out the wrong messages. Let’s start again.

Back in October last year I wrote a post (called ‘Expanding’) about how my band had gained a talented keyboard player and was now enjoying being a five-piece.

Earlier this year, amongst all the change and turmoil in my life, I came to feel that the band wasn’t working. We were treading water and losing focus on what we had set out to do in the first place. It turned out I wasn’t alone in feeling this way, so three of us decided to concentrate on writing new material. We said goodbye to our keyboard player and drummer and got to work on the songs. One original tune was thrown out, others were re-arranged and new ones created.

What happens next is an interesting question for us. I know I’m having a whole lot of fun.


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