Trypod - Ask Me Another

Every few days I’m posting about a podcast that I listen to and that I’d recommend you trying out.

This is a recent discovery for me. Ask Me Another is a word game, trivia show. Essentially it’s a literate, pub quiz based in Brooklyn, NY. The main host is the wonderfully funny Ophira Eisenburg. She’s is assisted by a one man house band in the form of Jonathan Coulton (the man responsible for ‘The Princess Who Saved Herself). The show is a bit nerdy in places but I see that as a good thing. Two reasons I love it are that it conjures up the sort of evening I might spend if I were hanging out in New York. Secondly, it reminds me of  a similar, albeit much less funny, late night quiz show I would listen to on my bedroom radio when I was very young and supposed to be asleep.


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