Trypod - Click

Every few days I’m posting about a podcast that I listen to and that I’d recommend you trying out.

Click used to be called Digital Planet and then got rebranded to fit in with the BBC’s television show about technology. That’s great but they are two very different programmes. Aside from them being on different mediums, Click on the telly is about the latest hardware and software, while Click on the radio is much more about how technology (what many people still call ‘digital technology’) affects society and the individual. Basically, Click on the radio is as much about people as it is about fun, shiny things that bleep and break down when you try to show your friends what they do. I love Click on the radio because of this deeper approach but also because, like many of these featured podcasts, it builds on the chemistry between its two main hosts. Gareth Mitchell is a geeky engineer with boundless enthusiasm and a disarmingly charming approach to interviewing his guests (although he’s not shy of asking tricky questions when necessary). Bill Thompson is the older, more considered ‘studio expert’ who provides a wonderful foil to Gareth. Either one of them on their own would be fine, but together they give the feeling of being sat between two great friends who bicker but compliment each other perfectly. Which is exactly what they do.


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